The secret to cracking the fast-developing industry

There’s an app for that

There probably isn’t a more popular saying in today’s tech savvy society. And therefore it’s of little surprise that the best apps on the market today are worth millions (think Angry Birds, Draw Something, Instagram) and it is predicted that many more will follow.

But with so many apps already on offer, the big question is – what makes a million pound app?

The rise of apps has been rapid, with Apple now boasting over 1,000,000 available and Android offering over 700,000. There are apps for everything, from leisure apps such as music-streaming and photo-sharing, to practical apps that help ease the daily grind and professional.

Using mobile apps for your business

Apps can also be a crucial lifeline for the SME world. Utilising apps that offer money and time saving benefits can hugely help boost a business which is low on resources and capital.

There are therefore a wealth of markets app developers can target when looking to create the next big thing. However, having a great idea for an app is one thing, but ticking the enjoyment and functionality box is key to creating an app that stands a cut above the rest. Find out more.

As most apps are now used on phones and tablets, it means we are relying on our phones more than ever before. This then means that we are more likely to damage/break them as they are so useful.

To prevent this happening to you there are a few steps we recommend taking!

1.      Buy yourself a case

We cannot stress enough about how much a phone case will protect your phone. If you ever accidentally drop it, the case will take the full force rather than your phone. Start shopping at Wrappz who also supply cases for the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

2.      Invest in phone insurance

Phone insurance is normally under £10 a month and can save you forking out for a brand new phone if yours ever breaks.  Find out more.

Opening opportunities into something amazing

Take Instagram, for example. Once upon a time photography was only for the professionals. Now, Instagram has allowed everyone to un-tap their inner photographer, no matter how good or bad they are.

Simply capturing a moment, applying filters and sharing it with a community is now within everyone’s grasp. Instagram works because it has a function to take pictures but its successful because it stands out by engaging the user and offering an enjoyment factor to match. Click here to see how we can help.